Learning Upgrade

Learning Upgrade is a fun way to improve your abilities in reading, math, and digital skills.  Also, it is a proven program for learning English.

Music and graphics make this a good add-on to any other study tool you may be using…or just use have fun with it as you (re)build skills from elementary to middle and high school levels.

How to Use Learning Upgrade

  • Contact our HSE Connect! / Read Better Helpline.  Let us know what you’re working on learning.  We’ll provide you with an enrollment code and let you know about other resources that might be of interest.
  • Learning Upgrade works on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.  This guide explains the steps; call us for the class code that you need to make a FREE account!

Learning Upgrade no está disponible en español, pero este programa es una forma comprobada de aprender inglés.​  ¡Este video explica cómo funciona!

Need assistance?  Contact us!

Take a look at the videos below to get a preview of the program.