High School Equivalency and the GED Test (formerly TASC)

FirstFind offers resources for obtaining a HSE diploma both online and in person in Westchester.

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Quick Resources

Want to jump right into some of our helpful programs?

  • Tutor.com/Westchester – log in with your library card to get 1-on-1 study help and job search support. You can also drop off a resume or cover letter to get tips for improvement.
  • GED Academy (Essential Ed) – video lessons for adults who want earn a high school equivalency diploma efficiently and confidently.
  • Learning Upgrade – a quick learning game you can play on your computer or smartphone to improve reading and math skills.
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Find resources on why college could be a good option, how to choose colleges, how to apply to colleges, and more.

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Learn English and Read Better

Use our resources to learn English.

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