First Find brings together resources that can help adults and families move toward their learning goals – from becoming a better reader to obtaining a high school diploma, from supporting children in their learning to applying for college. In addition to this selected list of resources, we connect you to support services including online and in person tutoring and counseling. Please explore!

First Find is provided by the Westchester Library System as a support to adults seeking guidance on specific learning goals.  Thanks to a dedicated staff, a team of trained volunteers, and generous funders, we are able to provide these supportive services. To find out more, check out our review of 2022.

Libraries are here for you.

The Westchester Library System has 6-month library cards to get people up and running with the countless free library services available to folks in Westchester County. These temporary cards are perfect for people without a permanent address or for anyone who needs quick access to our free online resources. Our goal is that everyone with a temporary card will get a more permanent card from their local library, but we understand that the process can take some time.

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If you do not remember the password for the volunteer resources page, please contact Pam Hoffman.

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