Yay.  You already have your diploma or some course work completed!

If you have a high school diploma or certificate from a country other than the United States…

Colleges will accept high school diplomas or certificates from foreign countries if they are equivalent to U.S. high school diplomas. A college Admissions Office can determine if the diploma is acceptable or not.

Employers or training programs many not be familiar with foreign high school diplomas, so it is recommended that foreign diplomas be evaluated by an official evaluation service. Here’s a list of foreign credential evaluation services.

If you have a college transcript from a country other than the United States…

Most colleges require that foreign college transcripts be evaluated by one of the agencies listed here. Please contact the Admissions Office of the college you are applying to for more information.  If you are applying to Westchester Community College, call the Transfer Credit Evaluator at 914-606-6756, or the international students counselor, Ann Marie Verini at 914-606-8567.

The evaluation service will charge anywhere from $85 to $150 to evaluate a foreign diploma. Once the diploma or transcript has been translated and evaluated it should be acceptable at other institutions or colleges in the United States.