The National External Diploma Program (NEDP)

The National External Diploma Program (NEDP) allows you to use your work and life experience to demonstrate high-school-level skills through a series of 10 projects and online assignments that demonstrate competency in reading, writing, mathematics, oral communication, problem solving, technology, media literacy, and critical thinking.

NEDP is not for everyone.  It is ideal for people who:

    • suffer from test anxiety or find timed tests challenging
    • work or have other obligations that affect their ability to attend class
    • struggle with higher level math
    • are not native English speakers
    • who are self-motivated and can work independently

The NEDP allows you to work at your own pace, completing most of the work outside of a classroom.  You will, however, be asked to meet with an advisor on a regular basis to stay on track.  Work can be done in 6-12 months, depending on how quickly you successfully complete the assignments.

NEDP work requires basic computer and research skills, as well as at least a 9th grade reading and math ability as demonstrated on a TABE exam (Test of Adult Basic Education). To build your computer skills, go to your local library to find out about their free computer classes and/or use the online tutorials available on our Digital Learning page.  Need a computer?  You may be able to borrow one the Westchester Library System’s Digital Equity Project.

To pursue the NEDP, first read these NEDP Fast Facts.

While the learning is done online, you need to connect with a local agency.  If you live in Yonkers,  Yonkers Public Schools – Pathways to Success sponsors a local NEDP program. If you live outside of Yonkers, see this list of organizations that support the NEDP program.  Be sure to review the information linked at the top of the page regarding age and residency requirements.  Some can take you on depending on staff availability.  Or contact HSE Connect! and we’ll help you figure this out!