We are still waiting for final word from the NYS Department of Education on how the shift to the TASC Exam to the GED may impact this pathway.   Contact us or return to this page at a future date.  We’ll update once we know! (Last check 3/4/2022)


While you were in high school, did you take and pass any of the five Regents Exams offered in New York State?  If you did, you may use a maximum of four of these passing Regents Exam scores to substitute for the same subject test on the GED.  For many, this is good news because you can then focus your studies on just one or two areas. You are still taking the GED exam, but fewer subject tests!

The following table shows which Regents Examinations will be credited for the corresponding GED subject tests:

Regents Exam HSE Subject Area Credit
Any Mathematics Regents Examination GED Mathematics
Any English Language Arts Regents Examination GED Reading and Writing
Any Social Studies Regents Examination GED Social Studies
Any Science Regents Examination GED Science

If you wish to use Regents Exams passing scores in place of a GED subject test, you must complete an application called “Attachment R”.  You send this application to the high school where you took the Regents exams. The high school provides the transcripts and passing scores to the NY State Education Department (NYSED).  This process takes 6-8 weeks.

You will receive in the US mail the transcripts proving your passing scores.  When you have these transcripts in hand, only then do you register for the GED exam  (by creating an account on ged.com).  Even if you passed all of your Regents Exams, you still need to take one GED subject test to obtain your HSE diploma; it is up to you which one to take.

The application and more information on the Regents Exam Path are available at the NYSED website.

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