Westchester Library System Digital Connect Project.

Welcome! You’re here because you receive a mobile device that will help you connect to classes, resources, and services—including connecting to online school programs, one-to-one tutoring, resume assistance, and more.

We recommend three steps to start.

  1. Make sure you have your library card.  Use your card to register for some library resources AND to download or borrow items such as audiobooks, ebooks, movies and music.
    • If you do not have one, the agency that provided this device can activate a card for you.
  2. Get familiar with your new device by reviewing the videos below.
    • Tablet (what type are we getting?)
  3. Explore FirstFind.org The resources on this website can help adults quickly find their way to information, tools and services that are needed to get things done.  Click on the tabs above to get a sense of what is available.

The agency that provided this device is available to provide technical support.

If you have any questions about library resources, you can contact us by phone or email; see our contact information (phone, email, live chat) at the bottom of this page.

The WLS Digital Connect Project was funded by XXXXX  LOGOS