Learn the Paths

In New York State there are three pathways to a high school equivalency diploma. (Click the links to find out more.)

  1. Pass the TASC test (formerly called the GED, now the TASC –  Test of Adult Skills Completion).  Note:  New in 2018 – You can use passing scores from Regents Exams that you took in high school to eliminate some parts of the test.
  2. Test into a program called the NEDP (National External Diploma Program) and complete a set of 10 projects that demonstrate your knowledge and skill.
  3. Complete 24 credits of high school-level course work while working towards your Associates Degree.

To move quickly along either of these paths, you would ideally start at a 9th grade level in reading and math; to assess your skills try the online exams located on this page – Ready for the Test?  You’ll also need some knowledge of how to use the Internet for research, and create a report using word processing or spreadsheet software.  Go to your local library to find out about their free computer classes and/or use the online tutorials available on this site at Computer Tips.

Do you have a diploma from another country?  See this information on how to have that diploma evaluated and accepted as equivalent to a US diploma for employment or college admissions.

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